Lily, is a wrapped Lotus node designed specifically for indexing the Filecoin blockchain. Lily includes instrumentation for structured data extraction into a PostgresSQL/TimescaleDB database or CSV dumps for later query and analysis.

Lily is made for users who wish to extract or inspect pieces of the Filecoin chain. A few of the things things that Lily can do:

  • Indexing Blocks, Messages, and Receipts.
  • Deriving a view of on-chain Consensus.
  • Extracting miner sectors life-cycle events: Pre-Commit Add, Sector Add, Extend, Fault, Recovering, Recovered, Expiration, and Termination.
  • Collecting Internal message sends not appearing on chain. For example, Multisig actor sends, Cron Event Ticks, Block and Reward Messages.
  • etc. For a full list of data extracted by Lily see the models.